Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Atwater Village meet & greet..

So today was a big day as Olive got to meet Luca, who was born a month earlier than her, on June 10th. I was expecting more conversation between the two, but they kind of just 'slept'.

Georgie introduced everyone to her baby Dora doll.

Rebecca, Mylissa, and Fi had all gone through this pregnancy together, and it was time for a champagne toast.

And here is Mylissa with her two kids, 'Georgie the great' and 'Theo the massive'. Georgie joined the toast with a very rare sip of frosty root beer. (Since then, her mom tells she hasnt stopped asking for the stuff).

Georgie reminds me of Scout from Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird". In fact, this block in Atwater also seems straight from the book. And with blocks full of kids, there is a lot of mischief and dirty hands to wash..

In the middle of everything, Georgie was desperate to tell her dad a cigarette. I mean a 'secret'.

Crazy to think that six weeks ago, we were holding beers and remotes. How quickly things change, eh?

And before you knew it, the place was flooded with children. From left to right: Oliver, May, Rebecca (holding Theo), Georgie, and May's older sister, .

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