Thursday, August 13, 2009

Aunt Mary, Uncle David, and Julie G..!

And after that lovely bath, Olive was ready for Agoura Hills and the countryside. (come to think of it, this was her furthest road trip of all time!)

David BBQ'd some fantastic burgers and Mary, as always, had prepared a fantastic walnut salad, garlic bread, and a Lemon Meringue dessert. mmmmm! It was delicious!

Julie was a natural with Olive, and possibly a future baby sitter...?

hmmm? hint hint?

But then again, there is Mary, also great with kids, AND a school nurse.. All good things to look for in a babysitter.

But Julie came back strong, and Olive really seemed to like her..

Uncle David seemed like a natural as well.. Maybe he could be Julie's back up babysitter?

Yeah, I think Olive would be in great hands here..

Thanks for a lovely evening you guys!

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  1. Hi Olive, It was just so wonderful watching 5 adults totally captivated by your charm. You are so blessed to have a mom and dad who are such beautiful people filled with love and joy. My advice is to let them sleep every now and then as it is to your advantage to have them fully awake and rested for optimal functional ability. I am hoping for some music lessons in your future and a debut with the L.A. Philharmonic -- no pressure, though. Lots of love, Aunt Mary, Uncle Dave, cousin Julie.