Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kate! Day 27

Ah,, the good old days.. Thats Kate, Rock Banana, Pizzle, myself, Weasel, and April, after one of our summer shows.. They all have been very patient with me while Ive been off changing diapers (instead of getting gigs).. But something tells me we have many more shows together in our future.

Kate swung by to meet the little one, and brought her a mini puppet princess, and the cutest little Grover hat.. You'll be seeing Olive with them soon, she just needs a bigger head.

(But Im sure after a few more weeks of everyone gushing over her, she'll be ready.)

When Olive feels comfortable, she just curls up into a ball and there is just no better feeling.

Rebecca catching up with our latest 'babysitter candidate'.

Its always great to see Kate!

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  1. How come you both look more rested than me!?!? I'm buying you both capes and unitards that read SUPERPARENTS!