Monday, August 24, 2009

Irene, Chuck, and Olive.

Some days, Olive is up super early, so I try and take her and let Rebecca get some extra Z's.

But the day waits for no one, and soon we are off to the races..

Diapers, feedings, dishes and trash.. They pile up so quickly.

And speaking of, its still amazing how much lint and crud we still are finding between toes, fingers, and other folds..

I think she is beginning to like the 'pampering'.


After a good soak in tub, Olive likes nothing more than kicking back in her favorite chair and checking out the game..

Some old friends of the Chaires's, Irene and Chuck stopped by to see the latest edition. Here Chuck looks at a dance picture of Olives Grandparents: Rachel and George.

(Irene and Chuck were at that dance.)

Amazing, huh?

Later that afternoon, Olive started looking so 'philosophical'.

and happy...

But Id be pretty darn happy getting this much love and attention too.

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